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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the answers to many questions on our frequently asked questions page

CrossWorlds FAQ

How long will the process take and when will I get my Linden Dollars?
12 hours is the maximum you would have to wait. Most transactions are dealt with in a few minutes. As a new user of CrossWorlds we would have to make contact with you via email (you must use a valid email address). The cost of Internet fraud doubled in 2009 to about $560 million and that is just in the USA. CrossWorlds does not make a lot of money and we have to keep our service as safe as we can for both ourselves and our users. There are also other factors such as problems with the Second Life Grid that can stop us from delivering transactions on time. If we are unable to make contact with a user within 24 hours a full refund is issued.

I paid via PayPal eCheck and still don't have my Linden Dollars
No... Like a real check a PayPal eCheck can take a few days for PayPal to process. As soon as the funds are in our account the Linden Dollars are then credited to your Second Life account. CrossWorlds xchange takes no responsibility for the time it takes PayPal to process an eCheck, and if you request us to have an eCheck cancelled it may take some time for the funds to show in your PayPal account.

Why do you ask for my Second Life Date of Birth?
The reason we ask for your Second Life Date of Birth is in the event of any typos in your Second Life name. In the case where the two don't match we will contact you to confirm your Second Life name or refund the full amount of the order. Your Second Life Date of Birth or rez date can be found in your profile and is the day you signed up to Second Life.

How safe is it to use the CrossWorlds xchange web-site to buy Linden Dollars?
By using the PayPal system for all payments on our web-site, CrossWorlds xchange is not given any of your payment details.

How do I know CrossWorlds supply Risk-Free  lindens?
CrossWorlds only acquires its lindens from 100% Risk Free secure 'Linden Lab'. All the Linden Dollars we supply are from Linden Labs and as part of the
Linden Dollar Authorized Reseller Programme we can guarantee ALL our linden dollars comply with the Linden Dollar Authorized Reseller Terms and Conditions.

PayPal FAQ

What is PayPal?
PayPal is the safe, simple, smart way to pay online. All you need is an email address to make secure online payments using your debit, credit card, bank account or PayPal balance.

I don't have a PayPal account, how can I get one?
Over 150 million PayPal account holders can't be wrong. Sign up for a PayPal account in minutes by visiting
www.paypal.com. Once you've opened a PayPal account you can start to shop at thousands of websites worldwide.

How much does it cost me to use PayPal on this site?
PayPal is free to use. Any fees charged during a buy transaction on this site by PayPal are paid by CrossWorlds xchange. If you are selling your linden dollars via a sell transaction, fees will be charged to you by PayPal... Please see PayPal Fees

What do I do if there's a problem with my payment?
If you have any queries regarding your PAYMENT (e.g. amount charged, funds available... etc) please
contact PayPal directly who will be happy to help.

What currencies can I pay in using PayPal?

You can pay in GBP £, EUR €, CAD $, AUD $, NZD $ or USD $ using PayPal.

Can I pay via PayPal for Linden Dollars through your call centre?

No, PayPal is an online-only payment service therefore you can only use for online transactions.

I've forgotton my PayPal password or email address?

No problem, just visit
www.paypal.com and follow the links at the top of the page.

How can I contact PayPal?

Just visit the PayPal website and go to their '
contact us' section, you can then email them or log in and call them.

Customer Support
If you can not find the answer to a question you are looking for or you need our help in any way, you can contact us by using one of the methods on our customer supports page


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